Stoned Meadow of Doom Upload Agreement

This upload agreement ("agreement") is made and effective by and between the artist requesting / accepting promotions, ("herein after called as Artist") and Stoned Meadow of Doom, ("herein after called as Stoned Meadow of Doom") moderated and in partnership with BGE,llc.

        Artist Promotions to Be  Copyrighted musical content from the artist that is requesting / accepting promotions onto Stoned Meadow of Doom's YouTube listenerbase.

Appointment of Stoned Meadow of Doom

All artists accepting promotions agree to retain and appoint Stoned Meadow of Doom to represent the artist's copyrighted material in carrying out on YouTube, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and in accordance to YouTube's community guidelines.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements both parties agree as follows:

1. Stoned Meadow of Doom Services

Stoned Meadow of Doom agrees to act as the artist's non binding advertising representative and to perform, upon authorization by artist requesting / accepting promotions, any or all of the following services to the extent necessary to meet the artist's needs:

a. Upload musical content into compressed audio files suitable to that of YouTube's community guidelines .

b. Properly organize musical content through track list and time stamps, crediting each title and track. This, along with all  published authors that are used to describe the artist and their musical content.

c. Schedule targeted campaigns for listenership within scope of genre demographically. Nationally and internationally including major reach in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Canada.          d. Campaign artists through online purchases by listing a source for listeners, who are potential customers, to purchase the artist's musical content online through platforms such as Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.

e. Expand the artists portfolio by expanding their listenership and reach by bestowing Stoned Meadow of Doom's listener base on YouTube.

g. Stoned Meadow of Doom's listernership and following is provided to the artists requesting / accepting uploads and is understood that the artist is permitting their copyrighted material for upload on to Stoned Meadow of Doom's YouTube channel.

2. Prior Approval of Artist    Stoned Meadow of Doom shall not incur any obligations or provide any services for artist requesting promotions's copyrighted material without first obtaining written approval from the artist requesting or accepting promotions or any other person designated by the artist that is requesting promotions in writing if not first signing this agreement prior to upload.

3. Terms, Non- Defamation , Termination

At any point in time where the artist and Stoned Meadow of Doom does not feel there is mutual benefit by providing each other's efforts, time, and listnership, Stoned Meadow of Doom has the right to remove any and all copyrighted material previously uploaded on to Stoned Meadow of Doom and this agreement shall be terminated.   IF any artists uploaded with Stoned Meadow of Doom channel is noticed defaming Stoned Meadow of Doom in anyway including merch, concert bookings, festival dates, or social media posts both written and oral, that artist and respective band will be subject to removal of their copyrighted works from Stoned Meadow of Doom's YouTube channel. This does included authors of the critical review over said artist/band that is featured on the channel.   The artists maintains all rights to provide notice of removal of their copyrighted works from Stoned Meadow of Doom at their discretion which then terminates this agreement.


Signing this document describes the mutual beneficiaries of this agreement from the artist to Stoned Meadow of Doom. That is to include all the terms and conditions stated above in this agreement.

5. SIGNATORIES.    This agreement shall be signed by the artist requesting / accepting promotions and by Clint Beed, Owner / Operator on behalf of Stoned Meadow of Doom. This agreement is moderated and in partnership by BGE,llc. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this upload agreement.

ARTIST  / BAND                   ___________________________________Date________________________

STONED MEADOW OF DOOM           ___________________________  Date __________________

Clint Beed, Owner / Operator